In-office Covid-19 procedures as of 3/19/2020


In a response to Covid-19, and in an effort to be transparent with our patients and community, we are making some guidelines of how our office is adapting to the situation. This is subject to change at any time as new information for best practices become available.

We are monitoring the Covid-19 situation closely, and are limiting the exposure for ALL our patients, visitors, and staff. In an abundance of caution, we have actively put the following clinical protocols in place for protection:



  • We are limiting the amount of patients in the office at the same time by:

    • Increasing time between appointments

    • Restricting the waiting room to 1 patient at a time

      • Asking patients to be exactly on time for their appointment

      • Asking patients to call as they arrive to make sure the waiting room is clear

  • Asking patients exhibiting symptoms to quarantine as well as those exposed to at-risk populations



  • Limiting number of doctors in the office to one at a time

  • Pairing staff in teams of 2 to limit our exposure to each other

  • Outside the office, staff is practicing physical distancing



  • Professional sanitization of the office once per week

  • Cleaning treatment tables and common surfaces after every patient with either bleach or rubbing alcohol, depending on the surface

  • Alternating patients between the two treatment rooms

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