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Ergonomic Supplies

Ergonomics is the study of the relationship between the human body and the working environment.  The goal of ergonomics is to create a workspace – be it at the office, home or in your car – that allows the body to be in a more natural position. Through ergonomics, the body’s stress is reduced which helps to eliminate injuries related to the overuse of muscles, bad postures, and repeated tasks.

Some of the ergonomic supplies we carry:

Large Lumbar Support Pillow

In truth, your back isn't crazy about sitting. Fatigue, aches and tension all creep up when you sit for long periods. But here's back protection worth it's weight in gold: the Kare® Comfort Lumbar Back Support. It's one of the premier back support cushions available today and is designed to deliver maximum comfort and support. It's specially engineered with a thin profile and greater height to provide continuous exceptional comfort and support for people of all statures.

Product Features

  • Gives you back relief in an uncomfortable chair or automobile seat

  • Rigid, heavy duty plastic core is encased in a breathable foam pad that fits snugly to the contour of the spine

  • Includes a 60" adjustable belt for securing to any chair, or automobile or truck seat

  • Colors Blue or Grey

  • Dimensions 13 w x 22.5 h x 1.5 d

Small Lumbar Support Pillow

Many of the chairs and seats you'll encounter aren't ergonomically designed. Many of them don't even have decent lumbar support. This exclusive lumbar cushion wraps around the contours of your body and firmly supports your lumbar curve. It helps you reduce tension and lower back pain, while gently maintaining correct posture. From bucket car seat to flat back office chair, the Slim Back Support is designed to provide firm support where you need it, when you need it.

Product Features

  • Unmatched durability

  • Made out of a special molded foam

  • Fits securely into a bucket seat or any standard flat back chair

  • Protected by a washable cloth cover

  • Adjustable belt included for securing to seat in automobile

  • Colors Blue or Grey

  • Dimensions 13.5 w x 12 h x 3 d

Neck Roll Pillow

Combat "tech neck" and forward head posture with the neck roll pillow. Laying on this pillow encourages the natural curvature of the neck. Small, light weight and great for travel.

Product Features

  • Lightweight foam

  • Great for travel and home use

  • Protected by a washable cloth cover

  • Dimensions 19 w x 3.5 diameter

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