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About Swan Lake Chiropractic



Swan Lake was founded in 1979 by Drs. David Vorzimer and David Mamolen.  The office has been located at 724 Pearl Street since that time.  “The Davids” wanted to establish a wellness based chiropractic clinic where patients could interchange between chiropractors and learn about spinal integrity and what that means for health.  They both have always had a strong desire to eliminate spinal subluxations in all people, but especially children.  

Having been located in west Boulder for its entire existence, Swan Lake has roots deep in the Boulder community.  Several families are on the third generation of Swan Lake patients.  Originally across the street from the first Dot’s Diner, Swan Lake has remained while much of Boulder has evolved and changed.

724 Pearl Street was originally built in 1895, which ironically is the same year chiropractic was founded!  The building has a relaxed feel and people often linger to enjoy its atmosphere.  Located just west of the Pearl Street Mall, a visit to Swan Lake can be followed by a stroll down the mall or west to Eben G. Fine park, there is beauty on all sides of Swan Lake.

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Swan Lake Through The Years...

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