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Change to Care Packages 2021

Please note we will be implementing expiration dates on all the care packages beginning on the first of the new year. The expiration dates are based on the concept of monthly maintenance, which means at least one adjustment per month for health and wellness. For instance, a care package of 3 would expire three months after purchase, a care package of 8 would expire in eight months, and so on and so forth. Families are still welcome to share packages.

The concept of packages was originally introduced to reward patients for committing to regular care with a cut in their price per visit. We never placed expiration dates in the past, but it has come to our attention that many people have visits sitting in their accounts that are years old. These patients will still be able to use these visits, as there was no expiration at the time they purchased the visits. With the difficult year that was 2020, we momentarily had to consider what would happen if Swan Lake had to close. With that thought we realized we would owe our patients a lot of money! Thus the concept of an expiration date was proposed. You always have the option to purchase visits one at a time, as per usual. The same applies to decompression, however, since undergoing decompression is completed with a set treatment plan, this will not be an issue for most people.

We will be sending a reminder to patients as the expiration date gets close, so that you have every opportunity to reap the rewards of your commitment to your spinal health!


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